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7th January 2012

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Day 10 post op with Dr. Brownstien. I am healing up really well and soon will not have to wear the binder any more!

Also counts for 1yr 10 days on T.

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    C A D E
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    Cade, you look fantastic!
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    Yay Cade!!! Ahh I miss youuu dude
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    My darling Cade! I am so happy for you!
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    This is Cade, who had his surgery the day after I did and with whom I texted all through the first post-op week. He...
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    Caaaade, you look so, so good!!! I also totally forgot that your Tversary is now also your Top-opversary. Congrats, bud!
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    Looking great, bro! Congrats!
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